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Braiding Caps With Adjustable Strap ( Breathable )

Braiding Caps With Adjustable Strap ( Breathable )

Normaalihinta 600,00 NOK
Normaalihinta Alennushinta 600,00 NOK
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1) Braided Wig Cap for Wig Making More Comfortable :Large Braided Crochet Wig Cap with Soft Elastic Breathable Ventilated Lat Net, You Will Feel More Comfortable.

Wig cap have bands  on the inside to protect the cap from  Slipping.

2) Crochet wig cap super light weight:The Cap is Bigger& Good for Big Head, Also the Cornrow Braids is Made By Synthetic,Light for Head to Wear.

3) Cornrown Crochet Wig Capfor Making Wigs Easy Sew: Braiding Hair, Senegalese Twists, Spring Twists, Hair Weave

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