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Cornrow Braided Wig

Cornrow Braided Wig

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*Corn Row Lace Closure Wig- 

*Material: Synthetic hair extensions.

Unit can be washed & conditioned. *

Cap: Black mesh cap 

Color: Black *Lenght: 24"- 26".

Guaranteed to last at least 1-2 yrs (if properly maintained)

Cap Size: Medium


Production Method Our braided lace frontal wigs are fully hand braided neatly on a factory made lace frontal wig cap for durability and versatility. We use premium quality synthetic hair extensions (Expression brand) for our braids and the strands are braided to the tip ( we process the tip in hot water to prevent it from coming loose) Our braided wigs will last well over 2 years if maintained properly. synthetic hair extensions
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