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Brush for Wet & Dry Hair (Detangling Brush)

Brush for Wet & Dry Hair (Detangling Brush)

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The Unique 8 Rows Octopus Detangling Hair Brush
1.  Salon tools.
2. The materials we use are enviroment-friendly.
3. If you have normal tangle or super coily 3a to 4c african american hair, this is the detangle brush for you.
4. Curved comb fits the scalp make the scalp more comfortable.
5. Detachable Bracket, for FIXED or FLEXIBL E bristles; also for adjusting the distance between the bristles. 

Functions : 

Hair Care

Remove Hair Knots Easily

Smooth Your Hair

Massage Scalp

More info

Material: ABS Plastic

Unfold Size : 24cm x 7.5cm x 7cm

Weight: 82g

Color : Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green




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