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Wireless Rechargeable Blender

Wireless Rechargeable Blender

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1.   Double-bladed three-dimensional crushing SUS304 stainless steel four-page cutter head made by food-grade electrolysis technology is durable and has excellent stirring ability, which enables pulp to be crushed quickly without losing dietary fiber, and has a delicate and smooth taste of 20000/min.

2. Lightweight grip and easy to carry.

3. Worry-free cleaning adopts strict waterproof structure design, which can be directly washed by the whole machine.

Power Source:     Electric

Blade Material:   Stainless steel

Rating (Rpm):      18000, 15001-18000Rpm

Size/Weight:         82*82*218mm/490g

Charger:              Wireless contact magnetic

Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches):    82*82*218mm

Housing Material:      Plastic

Battery capacity:    1400mAh

Power (W):               50

Battery capacity:        1400mAh

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