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Adult Foldable Bathtub

Adult Foldable Bathtub

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With a folding bathtub, you get the good spa feel in everyday life, even if you can't really fit or afford a regular bathtub. When the canopy is knocked out, it is deep and spacious so that you can both sit and lie in it. Merge it after use

More Deatils:

The smart design gives a low weight of only eight kilograms, and allows the whole vessel to be flat-packed. Thus, easily fold it together after use, and store it under the bed, on top of the wardrobe or behind a door. The bathtub has convenient handles on the side, and a headrest that allows you to sit back and enjoy a relaxing bath at your convenience. It also has a lid that can be used as a table, or to keep warm. 

Warning:  This bathtub should only be used in wet rooms with drains. Make sure that the substrate is flat and stable. The canopy is intended for adults, but can of course also be used by children. Remember never to let children bathe alone in the canopy without adult supervision.

How To Empty:

A drain hose of approx. 72 cm is included, which is easily connected to the drain pipe and placed in the drainage in the bathroom. Gently pull the stopper and empty the vessel without water spillage.

After use:

The canopy should be cleaned with a damp cloth and dishwashing liquid. Let the canopy dry before packing it away and you won't have to spill water in the house and the canopy will stay clean.

More Details:

Top: 138 x 62 cm

Bottom: 130 x 60 cm

Height: 52 cm

Weight: approx. 8 kg

Material: polypropylene plastic.

Holds about 200 litres of adult in

About 300 liters without.

Drain hose included-   Length: 72 cm

Withstands up to 250kg weight




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