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Wooden Crochet Hair Beads

Wooden Crochet Hair Beads

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Wooden Beads: Natural wood beads carved and printed with a beautiful color and an exotic flavor, very suitable for the production of beautiful jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, etc.
Natural Materials: The printed beads are made of natural wood, using the old original printing process, do not contain harmful substances, are not easy to fade or corrode, and can retain their color.

  •  The vintage patterns on the wooden beads are hand carved, they are unique and classic.
  • Easy Handling: It is not necessary to rework colored wood beads with holes, you only need a jewelry cord, choose your favorite beads and you will soon receive unique and beautiful jewelry.
  • The Set Contains:  wooden beads for dream catchers in different colors, different patterns and shapes, suitable for various DIY projects, be it crafts, jewelry or DIY decorations, printed wooden beads are the best option.
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